New toys for Xmas

Jean has many talents to share.  
Here is another.
Wonderful Catnip stuffed cat toys for every cat!

You can order toys for your cats, your freinds cats, your family member cats,  and your co-worker cats ect. 
 Below you will see a selection of each of the toys that are available to purchase. 
 Please contact Jean at for a price list/order form in PDF format. 
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These are the traditional balls stuffed with cat nip.  They do roll around when kitties batt them with their paws. 
A unique design by Jean are the fish.  A very simple toy that the cats find easy to carry around in their mouth.  Sometimes strings are attached to involve the cat owner in the play.

Another unique design are the  bugs. Pieces of colorful fabric are attached to the body of the bugs to create individual bug markings.  Most people who order these just ask for any kind of bug as we dont know when and what will show up in our collection.

Of course we can't go on without mentioning the Silly Snakes.  These are the precursor of all of Jean's cat toys.  They come  in all kind of color and markings.  They have googlely eyes and are by far the most popular of the toys. 
These mice are so cute with thier long tails!  they are the more traditional of all commercial cat toys, and I think the reason is that well cats just like mice!  Or is that the owners who like cats to chase mice?....